Amir Muhammad

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Amir MUHAMMAD (1972, Malaysia) studied Law but devotes himself entirely to other activities, such as writing and filmmaking. Some of his films have been banned in Malaysia. A full retrospective of his work was screened at the Pesaro Film Festival in Italy in 2008. As a writer, Amir was very successful with his socially critical non-fictional work Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things (Vol 1, 2007). The book proved to be a bestseller. Amir's short film The Three is part of 15Malaysia (2009), an omnibus film that consists of 15 short films by 15 Malaysian filmmakers. Since 2007 he has been active as a publisher, which caused him to take a break from filmmaking. With Voyage to Terengganu (2016) he is back from his absence as a filmmaker.   


Lips to Lips (2000), 6horts: Lost, Friday, Mona, Checkpoint, Kamunting, Pangyau (2002, short), Digital Compassion 02 (2002, segment Petrol-Parking), The Big Durian (2003), Wait (2004, short), Tokyo Magic Hour (2005), The Year of Living Vicariously (2005), Lelaki komunis terakhir/The Last Communist (2006), Village People Radio Show (2007), Susuk (2008, co-dir), Reading Room (2009, instal), Malaysian Gods (2009), 15Malaysia (2009, omnibus film), Voyage to Terengganu (2016, co-dir)

Amir Muhammad at IFFR

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