Amanda Dawn Christie

Amanda DAWN CHRISTIE is a Canadian interdisciplinary artist. Her film practice revolves around rephotography, hand-processing, and experimental printing techniques. She explores issues of memory and sensuous geographies as they relate to the identity politics of region and distance.


(all short) Here (2000), Dishes (2000), Surface Tension (2001), Merry Christmas Meredith (2003), Forever Hold Your Peace (2004), Turning (2004), Stained (2004), Playing Jacob (2005), 16mm Postcard (2005), Knowledge of Good and Evil (2005), Mechanical /Animal Memory (2005), This Unnamable Little Dream: Or a Traced Sketch of Two Brothers (2005), Mechanical Memory (2006), 3part Harmony: Composition in RGB #1 (2006), A Maternal Record Not Fully Recorded (2006), Fallen Flags (2007), v = d/t (2008)