Art Directions: immersive media

Combined Programme

IFFR 2024


Audiovisual art and technology meet in our immersive media programme. During IFFR 2024, you can experience four different interactive virtual reality projects:

8 miljard ikken by Tibor de Jong

Of the eight billion humans populating Earth, how can we conceive of ourselves as unique while simultaneously belonging to the grand and kaleidoscopic primordial soup? Meandering scenes, ranging from playful and natural to industrial and menacing, coalesce with a sound design by the legendary Spinvis to create this poetic and hypnotic virtual reality exploration of our place in the world.

The Assembly by Charlotte Bruneau

Welcome to the gentle, colourful world of vocal sound. In this multiplayer VR experience, together with other participants you convert the concepts of communication and togetherness to timeless sounds, rhythms, vibrations and melodies. By each touching the floating forms and parts around you with your hands, you create a meaningful whole as an ensemble. In this journey of attentive listening, communication and creativity, you forge a connection together, without the need for language.

I'm Terribly Sorry by Rachel Maclean

You’re invited to wander through a dystopic urban UK. The streets, though dilapidated, are extremely well branded and merchandised (Union Jack proud!). All around are seemingly friendly and contrite citizens (with screens for heads) who just want to have a word with you. Things quickly devolve from social, to solicitous and finally sinister in a post-Brexit milieu of mistrust and division.

Small Acts of Violence by Aay Liparoto

They say that love is all you need, but what happens when those who are supposed to care most about you are the perpetrators of violence? Or, when you cause harm to the ones that you love? A surreal and touching 360° experience,Small Acts of Violenceseeks to expand our conception of domestic violence beyond simplistic assumptions and binaries, and in doing so, raises urgent questions about intimacy and safety.

A ticket for our immersive media programme allows you to watch the projects of your choice during a 60-minute time slot. Due to the length of the different experiences, you won't be able to watch all in one time slot. If you'd like to see all four immersive media projects, we recommend you to purchase two time slots. 

Combined Programme

IFFR 2024