-stat.ic projectors: Luis Recoder/Bruce McClure

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  • USA
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C. Isles, Whitney Museum of American Art: 'In Luis Recoder's films and expanded cinema performances, projected light is used to create a perceptual interface between materiality and immateriality. For the past few years, Recoder has used the rectangle of projected light as a primary unit or building block in his work. The narrative space of the film screen is replaced by the painterly surface of subtle hues, engaging the viewer in a perceptual experience of light and rendering sculptors such as James Turrell's use of light in cinematic form. Recoder is well known for his live, multiple screen "expanded cinema" performances in which he manipulates film projectors in the screening booth. Bruce McClure brings two programmes to Rotterdam. The first is called Film Lengths and he typifies it as 'a category of film objects that have an isomorphic relation to discrete intervals of time. The film length is a lifeless interval of material, animalised by giving it a head and tail and animated by the transport mechanisms of the projector and the rotarised light of an electric bulb.' The second programme is called Film Loops and works with contact prints made from an original length of single perforated clear leader sprayed with Indian ink. The bulk of the programme will consist of three projective performance pieces selected from a range of screening possibilities.
Luis Recoder, Bruce McClure
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Festival Edition
IFFR 2003