A la medianoche y media

  • 90'
  • Venezuela
  • 1999
Things are not what they seem - that is the point of departure for this film. To break out of the daily routine and create a new reality for themselves, the characters in this film play with the world and with each other. A game to fend off the loneliness that threatens them and to hide their inability to enter into real relationships. A town in Latin America is threatened by a tidal wave. People flee, the main road is jammed with cars. Three people are left behind: the sceptic Sebastian, Ana, who is looking for other people's passions she can't find in herself and a girl who predicts the end of the world. The girl shows Sebastian the town as a large game board: people are pawns, traffic lights are obstacles that have to be conquered. The only rules are the rules of the game. Ana photographs the streets and the houses: she reduces the town to a scale model. Through her camera she spies on people and their emotions. Sebastian becomes fascinated by the game and by Ana. The photography of the film changes with the transformation of the characters. At first lively colours and constant lighting are predominant when events are unequivocal. But as the actions and relationships get more ambiguous, when the real mutual relations come to the surface and the game reaches its end, the lighting changes, the shadows get sharper and darkness prevails.
Mariana Rondón
World premiere
Countries of production
Venezuela, Peru
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 1999
International title
At Midnight and a Half
Sudaca Films C.A., Mariana Rondón, Marité Ugás
Mariana Rondón
Marité Ugás, Mariana Rondón
Salvador del Solar