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30 Jan – 9 Feb 2025


Dietmar Brehm | Austria | 1987 | 3' | | IFFR 1994

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  • Totally f***ed up

    Neo-underground film is a frank portrait of six gay teenagers in the homophobic nineties. By the maker of THE LIVING DEAD.

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  • ‘t Zonhuis ’22

    –This recently conserved curious family material + + we see an affluent family in its country house + + has anecdotal and historical value. The question of artistic value is less relevant. It was made with pleasure and few pretensions and is completely independent of Ivens’ work on his first films, which were ambitious.

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  • Eastern avenue

    We live in a time where things do not seem to exist if they are not captured as an image. But if you look into darkness you may see the lights of your own retina – not unlike the Northern Lights, not unlike the movements of thought, like shapeless accumulation of everything we have ever […]

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