The IFFR Pro programme 2024

23 January 2024

IFFR Pro team


The IFFR Pro programme 2024

23 January 2024

Welcome to the IFFR Pro programme for 2024, standing at the intersection between all the innovation, creativity, experimentation and excellence found at IFFR. In the ever-evolving landscape of film and media, IFFR Pro is a platform that fosters the avant-garde, the visionary and the groundbreaking.

This year, the IFFR Pro teams hosts the 41st edition of CineMart, the 2nd edition of the Darkroom work-in-progress programme, a number of Talent Development initiatives including Rotterdam Lab, plus support and guidance for filmmakers in the festival selection in the Pro Hub, where badge-holders can also attend a total of nine panel discussions that untangle intricate issues and illuminate on practical topics in the film industry. 


We have reached our 41st edition of CineMart and the variety of projects on offer at our co-production market has never been richer, not only in terms of the diversity of stories and their countries of origin, but also in their mediums and production stages. Our immersive media projects have become a vital part of the market, as have our work-in-progress screenings which return following a glowing reception to their introduction last year. With several Hubert Bals Fund projects on show across the selection, it's clear that we are offering comprehensive support to filmmakers at every stage of their journey.

The CineMart team is Alessia Acone, Jolinde den Haas, Lara González Lobo, Federico Anselmi, Laura Pinto and Francesca Emiliano. Reach them via [email protected]

Read the CineMart selection here


Darkroom, our one-year-old work-in-progress section, is consolidated as a cohesive and vital part of IFFR Pro and CineMart, applying our well-known tailored-made approach to showcase and provide support to six almost completed projects. Teams have the opportunity to screen and present their work to international sales agents, festival programmers and buyers.

To get in touch about Darkroom, contact the CineMart team via [email protected]

Read the Darkroom selection here

Pro Hub

The Pro Hub is open as the home-away-from-home for filmmakers and professionals at the festival. Included in its packed offering connecting filmmakers with industry is the IFFR Pro Dialogues programme of industry panels that invite meaningful and practical reflection on the issues facing the film industry, with speakers including selected filmmakers, festival programmers and special guests.

Across nine panels, a major theme is giving filmmakers the knowledge and tools needed to understand and carve out a space for themselves and their work in the film landscape. 

The Pro Hub will be located in the Grote Zaal foyer, up the stairs towards the Grote Zaal on the floor directly above the Accreditation Desk. The Pro Dialogues will be hosted in Studio 5 on the ground-floor, on the right hand side next to the Accreditation Desk. 

Check the programme and make sure you catch a panel, open to all press and industry badge-holders.

The Pro Hub team is Nikolas Montaldi, Jiri Pecinovsky and Himawan Ardhito. Contact them via [email protected]

Find out about the Pro Hub programme

IFFR Pro Dialogues

Talent Development

Our talent strand has strengthened the collaboration with 42 international partners which selected 66 new emerging producers to take part in the Rotterdam Lab programme for this edition. For the first time, we also launched an open call for participation in the programme, and five spots have been made available to selected producers to maximise the plurality of voices, backgrounds and experiences within the programme. BoostNL will have its second chapter of sessions and mentorships in Rotterdam and will bring talented Dutch teams together with international projects supported by the Hubert Bals Fund. Creative Producer Indaba, presented by the Realness Institute, in collaboration with EAVE, will return to Rotterdam after its chapter hosted and organised by the Marrakech International Film Festival's Atlas Workshops. 

This edition marks the introduction of a new collaboration that deepens our commitment to giving emerging talent access to festivals and markets. Launchpad was created thanks to the joint efforts of Locarno Film Festival, Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The initiative aims to support and facilitate access for emerging professionals to a network of film festivals, and targets those young professionals working in sales, marketing, distribution, exhibition, programming, funding and/or commissioning. Please find them in our Pro Connect guest directory in your IFFR account.

The team welcoming talent to IFFR 2024 is Facundo Lema, Alberto Pickers and Vittoria Leardini. Contact them via [email protected].   

Read more about Talent Development at IFFR 2024

Hubert Bals Fund 

We also want to celebrate the crucial role and support of the Hubert Bals Fund once again, with films screening in the festival selection, as well as supported projects presented in CineMart and Darkroom. Read more about what the HBF team is up to via the link below. 

The Hubert Bals Fund team at IFFR 2024 consists of Tamara Tatishvili and Ayumi Filippone. Reach them via [email protected].  

Hubert Bals Fund at IFFR 2024

IFFR Pro programme 2024

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