IFFR 2020 festival campaign

04 December 2019

A visual story inspired by basic elements and infinite possibilities.

For our 49th edition, we play with the most basic elements that make up film. A set of primary colours, a flicker of light meeting darkness, a chemical drip on a strip of film – elements that, when combined with talented determination, can create infinite forms of cinematic experience.

Festival Director Bero Beyer: “IFFR’s 2020 campaign forms the last chapter in a series that spanned four years. First, we introduced Planet IFFR as a place of connection. Then we met its inhabitants: humans with the gift of abstract thought. And last year we explored their wide-ranging emotions (‘feel IFFR’). This year, we embrace the act of artistic cinematic expression itself: capturing light and darkness, balancing stillness and movement, using pixels and gradients to create form, story and meaning. We marvel at how these basic elements eventually result in a seemingly infinite diversity of expression.”

This campaign was designed by Rotterdam-based agency 75B, the creators of the iconic IFFR logo in 2009.

Pre-order the official IFFR 2020 campaign poster here

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