Discover IFFR-supported titles

20 January 2022

Film still: Freda


Discover IFFR-supported titles

20 January 2022

IFFR Pro, the industry section of the festival, hosts a number of activities that help fund and foster the creation of great cinema. Discover some examples online this edition.

The Hubert Bals Fund (HBF) provides funding to groundbreaking directors in every stage of the production process, from development through to post-production – working specifically with visionaries from regions with inadequate film infrastructures, cultural funding or freedom of speech. CineMart is the festival’s co-production market where a specially curated lineup of projects in development present themselves during IFFR Pro Days to the festival’s industry family, finding vital support, funding and collaborators. 

You can find a number of titles in our IFFR 2022 online programme that IFFR can proudly stake claim to supporting. Four HBF titles are available, from Costa Rica, Haiti, Mexico and Thailand, with titles from France and an Italian-Netherlands co-production representing CineMart. The latter, The Last Ride of the Wolves by Alberto De Michele, celebrates its world premiere. Read the lineup below. 

Hubert Bals Fund lineup: 

  • Anatomy of Time, Jakrawal Nilthamrong, 2021, Thailand/France/Singapore/Netherlands
    • Maem falls in love with an army officer during the military dictatorship in 1960s Thailand. Directed by the 2015 Tiger Award winner. 
  • Clara Sola, Nathalie Álvarez, 2021, Sweden/Costa Rica/Belgium
    • In the Costa Rican countryside, Clara is in her element. However, because of her disabilities, her mother keeps a tight grip on her.
  • Freda, Gessica Généus, 2021, France 
    • To run or to stay? In student Freda's Port-au-Prince, protests and violence escalate. A female perspective on Haitian society.
  • Noche de fuego, Tatiana Huezo, 2021, México
    • Three young girls are trying to grow up as normally as possible, in a remote mountain village dominated by drug cartels.

CineMart lineup:

  • The Last Ride of the Wolves, Alberto De Michele, 2022, Netherlands/Italy, world premiere
    • Ditch your romantic preconceptions about the Italian mafia. We infiltrate the underworld, where Pasquale is plotting his final heist.
  • Medusa, Anita Rocha da Silveira, 2021, Brazil
    • Neon-lit Brazilian thriller, that feels like a gruesome 80s video clip. Expect right-wing politics, toxic masculinity, mean girls, and religious doctrines.
  • Mon Légionnaire, Rachel Lang, 2021, Belgium/France 
    • Men on a mission in Mali, the women left behind in the army compound. Ex-military herself, Rachel Lang hits hard in this ensemble drama.

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