One more time, Jan 'Mr Horror' Doense (NL) and Jan 'Max Rockatansky' Verheyen (B) searched their way through a number of private collections and the cellars of otherwise reputable film museums, looking for the most stunning excesses of international film production. The trusty visitors to the 'Night of Bad Taste' know what to expect: toe-curling entertainment with the enthusiastic incompetence of Z-film makers from all over the world, but also a surprising - and occasionally shocking - confrontation with the boundaries of the exploitation movie. High points (or low points, that all depends) from the new programme are a Japanese Nostradamus, a disconcerting American information film from the 1960s with the title All Women Have Periods, a descent into the underworld of the Scandinavian 'sex documentary' and lots lots more absolutely unique material. As a bonus, an irresistible 'Best of...' coverings previous editions will be served up. So there's plenty of room for The Handicapped Kung-Fu Killers, I'm Hot All Over and the incomparable circumcision montage from Shocking Africa. The Night of Bad Taste: The Final Chapter - only in Rotterdam!

Jan Doense, Jan Verheyen