Xu  Haofeng

Xu Haofeng

Still: 100 YARDS

XU Haofeng (1973, China) is an award-winning novelist, filmmaker and professor in China. At the age of 14 he began learning martial arts which became a recurring theme in his cinematic projects and the subject of his biographical novel The Bygone Kung Fu World. Xu’s debut feature film The Sword Identity (2011) premiered at Venice Film Festival and he was a screenwriter for Wong Kar-wai’s The Grandmaster (2013) which won Best Screenplay at Hong Kong Film Awards. 100 Yards (2023), IFFR 2024 selection, is a co-directing project with his brother Xu Jungfeng.



The Sword Identity (2011), Judge Archer (2012), The Final Master (2015), The Hidden Sword (2017), 100 Yards (2023)