Thomas Draschan

Thomas DRASCHAN (1967, Austria) studied theatre and film in Vienna, Frankfurt and New York. His experimental films have been screened internationally.


Günter (1991, short), Eva (1991, short), Schwimmen (1992, short), Ich I (1993, short), Bettina (1993, short), Ich II-X (1994, short), N.Y. 1-4 (1995, short), Franziska (1996, short), In Wien (1996, short), In Neapel - Anlässlich der 96. Aktion von Hermann Nitsch/In Naples - on occasion of Hermann Nitsch's 96th action (1997, short), 3 Filme (1998, short), Prinzendorf (1999, short), Italien (1999, short), Metropolen des Leichtsinns (2000, short), Yes? Oui? Ja? (2002, short), To the Happy Few (2003, short), Begegnung im All/Encounter in Space (2003, short), Preserving Cultural Traditions in a Period of Instability (2004, short), Heroes (2004, instal), The Influence of Ocular Light Perception on Metabolism in Man and in Animal (2005, short), Keynote (2006, short), La Mémoire des Enfants/Remembering the Children (2007, doc, co-dir), Slaves to Sin (2007, instal), Everything About Nothing Portrait of Marcus Sparnaay (2007, short), Freude (2009, short)