Martin Šulík

Martin SULIK (1962, Zilina, Czechoslovakia) is a film maker. In addition, he is active in the theatre and has made many television films and video productions. He graduated in 1986 in film and television production from the VSMU music and drama course in Bratislava, where he has worked as the head of the film-directing department since 1999.


Biography (1982), Last Supper (1982), Conversation (1983), Meeting by Advertisement (1983), A Yard (1984), Decease of Palo Rocka (1985), Staccato (1986), The Boards (1987), Silence (1988, short), Chair (1989), Hurrah (1989), Ethics and Politics (1990, short), Earth - Water - Air (1990), Neha/Tenderness (1991), Vetko co mám rád/Everything I Like (1992), Don Quijote from Krivany (1993, TV), Záhrada/The Garden (1995), Súkromny skanzen (1996), Orbis pictus (1997), Praha ocima/Prague Stories (1999, co-dir), Krajinka/Landscape (2000), Klíc k urcování trpaslíku aneb poslední cesta Lemuela Gulliver /The Key to Defining Dwarves or Lemuel Gulliver's Final Voyage (2002), Visions of Europe (2004), Slunecní stát/The City of the Sun (2005)