Kurosawa Kiyoshi

KUROSAWA Kiyoshi (1955, Japan) started directing 8mm independent films while studying Sociology at Rikkyo University. In 1983, he made his debut with the feature Kandagawa Wars. His international breakthrough came with Cure (1997), which was also shown in Rotterdam. Tokyo Sonata (2008) won the Jury Prize in the Un Certain Regard programme at Cannes 2008. In 2012, he switched to television with the thriller series Penance. Kurosawa also works as an actor, editor and scriptwriter.


Shigarami (1981, short), Kandagawa Wars (1983), The Excitement of the do-re-mi-fa Girl (1985), They're Back (1988), Sweet Home (1989), The Guard from the Underground (1992), Suit Yourself or Shoot Yourself 1-4 (1995), Suit Yourself or Shoot Yourself 5-6 (1996), Door III (1996), The Revenge 1 & 2 (1997), Cure (1997), Serpent's Path (1997), Eyes of the Spider (1997), License to Live (1999), Charisma (1999), Barren Illusion (1999), Ko-rei (2000), Kaïro/Pulse (2001), Akarui mirai/Bright Future (2003), Dopperugengâ/Doppelgänger (2003), Umezu Kazuo: Kyôfu gekijô - Mushi-tachi no ie/Kazuo Umezu's Horror Theater: Bug's House (2005), Rofuto/Loft (2005), Sakebi/Retrieval (2006), Tokyo Sonata (2008), Shokuzai/Penance (2012, TV), Riaru: Kanzen naru kubinagaryû no hi/Real (2013), Sebunsu kôdo/Seventh Code (2013), Beautiful New Bay Area Project (2013, short)

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