Guy Debord

Guy Debord op IFFR

Guy Ernest DEBORD (1931-1994, France) was a writer, filmmaker, hypergraphist and founding member of the groups Lettrist International and Situationist International. In response to the reaction of the French press after the murder of his friend and producer Gerard Lebovici in 1984, Guy Debord withdrew all six of his films from world-wide distribution. Finally, in November 2005, Debord’s films were re-released as a collection.


(selection) Sur le passage de quelques personnes à travers une assez courte unité de temps (1959, short), Critique de la séparation (1961, short), La société du spectacle/The Society of the Spectacle (1973, doc), Réfutation de tous les jugements (1975, short doc)

Guy Debord op IFFR

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