Babette Mangolte

Babette MANGOLTE is an experimental film maker living in New York. Apart from her films, she is also known for her photography of dance, theatre and performances. She has published several essays on photography and the effects of changing technologies.


What Maisie Knew (1975, short), (Now) or maintenant entre parentheses (1976, short), The Camera: Je or La Camera: I (1977), Water Motor (1978, short), There? Where? (1979, short) The Cold Eye (My Darling be Careful) (1980), The Sky on Location (1982, doc), Visible Cities (1991), Four Pieces by Morris (1993), Homemade (2000, short), Les Modèles de 'Pickpocket' (2003, doc), Roof and Fire Piece (2004, short), Seven Easy Pieces by Marina Abramovic (2007, doc)