Robert Frank

Robert Frank (1924, Zurich, Switzerland) moved to the United States in 1950. In the 1950s, he was a leading photographer: his book The Americans portrays the underbelly of the country. Frank is regarded as one of the most important experimental underground film-makers of his time. Most of his films have been screened in Rotterdam.


(selection) Pull My Daisy (1959), The Sin of Jesus (1961), O.K. End Here (1963), Me and My Brother (1968-1997), Conversations in Vermont (1969), Life-Raft-Earth (1969), About Me - A Musical (1971), Cocksucker Blues (1972), Keep Busy (1975), Life Dances On (1980), Energy and How To Get It (1981), This Song for Jack (1983), Home Improvements (1984), Candy Mountain (1987), Hunter (1990), It's Real (1990), Last Supper (1992), Summer Cannibals (1996), The Present (1996), Sanyu (2000), Paper Route (2003)