Renata Pinheiro

Renata Pinheiro

Still: Carro Rei
Renata PINHEIRO (1970, Brazil) started her career as a visual artist and participated in several exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. In 2002, she studied at the Institut National de l’Audiovisuel in Paris and made her first short film, Maria Alice. Together with frequent collaborator Sérgio Oliveira, she founded the production company Aroma Filmes. In 2011, Pinheiro made her first feature documentary, Estradeiros, together with Oliveira. That same year, their short Praça Walt Disney was nominated for a Golden Pardino at Locarno International Film Festival. Her independent feature debut Amor, Plástico e Barulho (2013) won several awards. In 2018, she and Oliveira wrote and directed the TV miniseries Africa da sorte together.


Maria Alice (2002, short doc), Le petit navire (2002, short), Arqueologia da amnésia (2004, short), Guenzo (2005, short), Clipping Salvador (2008, short), Superbarroco (2008, short), Praça Walt Disney/Walt Disney Square (2011, short doc, co-dir), Estradeiros/Wanderers (2011, doc, co-dir), Amor, Plástico e Barulho/Love, Plastic and Noise (2013), Açúcar/Sugar (2017, co-dir), Africa da sorte (2018, TV series, co-dir), Carro Rei/King Car (2021, co-dir)

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