Still: Lost On Arrival

PolakVanBekkum is a collaboration between artists Esther POLAK and Ivar VAN BEKKUM. Together, they explore choreographies of daily life, including everyday tasks such as walking, cycling, driving, flying, wandering. Rooted in the history of the Dutch realist landscape depiction, they express personal experiences of moving and space. Their projects are often informed by collaborations with participants, be it humans, animals, or even the rays of the sun.


(all short) Etak: A Navigation Opera (2011), What Is Done Cannot Be Undone (2011), π boy (2013, doc), The Mailman's Bag (2014), Once We Get There (2016, doc), Homestead II (2017), A Collision of Sorts (2017, doc), The Fortune (2018), Gaan om te Zijn/Go Move Be (2018), The Ride (2020, doc)

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