Nicolette Krebitz

Nicolette KREBITZ (1972, Germany) started her career at the age of 10, when she replaced her sister at an audition. From the dozens of roles she has played, she is best known for her role in the German film Bandits (Katja von Garnier, 1997). She has been directing her own films since 2001. The Heart Is a Dark Forest won multiple awards at the German Film Critics Association Awards in 2007. She has appeared as a model on CD covers from New Order and Terranova. Wild is her third feature film.


Jeans (2001), Mon Chérie (2002, short), Epigenetik (2007, short), Das Herz ist ein dunkler Wald/The Heart Is a Dark Forest (2007), Die Unvollendete (2009, short), Wild (2016)