Mikhaël Hers

Mikhaël Hers at IFFR

Mikhaël HERS (1975, France) was educated in Film Production at La Fémis in Paris. He graduated in 2004, after which he started producing as well as directing films himself. His first short film, Charell (2006), was screened at Cannes. Three years later Montparnasse won the SFR Prize at Cannes. In 2010 his first feature film, Memory Lane, was released. This Summer Feeling (2015) is his second feature.


Charnell (2006, short), Primrose Hill (2007, short), Montparnasse (2009, short), Memory Lane (2010), Ce sentiment de l’été/This Summer Feeling (2015)

Mikhaël Hers at IFFR

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