Maria Ramos

Maria RAMOS (b. 1964, Brazil) first studied music at the University of Brazil and then musicology and electro-acoustic music in Paris and London. In 1990, she attended the Netherlands Film and Television Academy, specialising in documentary. Her debut, Brasilia - a Day in February, won the jury prize at the International Documentary Festival of Sao Paolo. Desi won the audience award in 2000 at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam and the Golden Calf for Best Documentary at the Netherlands Film Festival 2001. Her documentary Justice brought her international attention and several awards. Hill of Pleasures is her sixth long documentary.


I Think What I Want To Say Is (1994, short), Boy en Aleid (1995, short), Brasília, een dag in februari (1996), Desi (2000), Rio, een dag in augustus (2002), Justiça/Justice (2004), Juízo/Behave (2007), Morro dos prazeres/Hill of Pleasures (2013)