Jasmin Dizdar

Jasmin Dizdar (Bosnia, 1971) studied at the FAMU in Prague, where he directed two short films. In 1989 he left for England where he worked as scriptwriter and lecturer in Eastern European cinema at Warwick University. In 1993 he acquired British nationality. Beautiful People (1999) is his first feature.


Turnaround (1978, short), Mad Dream (1979, short), Finch Hunters (1980, short), Eagle/Verdict (1981, short), Existence in the Chamber of Mr. Roby/Tomorrow (1982, short), Fra Celestin/Midnight Shadows (1983, short) Butterfly's Dance (1984, short), Winner/Mr. Slave (1985, short), Crucifixions/Heroes Sleeping Quietly (1986, short), After Silence/Graduation (1987, short), Our Sweet Homeland (1988, short), Beautiful People (1999)