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Janis RAFA (1984, Greece) has a PhD in Fine Arts from the University of Leeds. She uses video to convert her experiences into carefully choreographed scenes. Her work walks a fine line between subjective interpretation and the authentic representation of landscapes and events. Her work has been exhibited at venues and festivals such as the Viennale, Tate Modern and IFFR. In 2013, she created the Three Farewells trilogy. Kala azar (2020) is her debut feature film.


2755 Miles (2009, short), Taxing in the City (2009, short), Dad Where Are You? (2010, short), I Thought I Found You But I Was Looking on Footage of a Different Country (2010, short), I Thought I Found You, Dad Where Are You? (2010, instal), Exit K1 (2012, short), Our Dead Dogs (2013, short), Father Gravedigger (2013, short), The Last Burial (2013, short), Three Farewells (2013, instal), Requiem to a Shipwreck (2014, short), A Sign of Prosperity to the Dreamer (2014, instal), Gravediggers (2014, instal), Winter Came Early (2015, short), Configuration of the Man Who Has Seen Without Being Seen (2015, instal), Requiem to a Fatal Incident (2015, short), Untitled (2016, short), There She Blows (2016, short), The Thin Crust of Earth (2016, short), Take 11: What Remains Is a Wound Disembodied (2018, short), Take 11 (2019, instal), Kala azar (2020)

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Janis Rafa at IFFR

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