Jan van Nuenen

Jan van NUENEN (1978) studied at the art academy in Breda and has worked as an experimental video artist since 2002. He makes, among other things, short animation films, projections in public spaces, computer simulations, installations, video clips and software. A returning theme in his work is the relation between human, nature and technology.


Tijdlijp/Time Mess (1999, short), Kijk door/Look Through (1999, short), Zoom In/Out (2000, short), Multi-meisjes/Multi-girls (2000, short) Het tweede leven van Eva/The Second Life of Eva (2000, short), Psychotronicman 2 (2000, short), Liefdesmest/Loveshit (2001, short), Implosie/Implosion (2001, short), Trash Factory (2001, short), Optimizer Customizer (2002), Seeing Bush through the trees (2002, short), Lame Yard (2003, short), SET-4 (2003, short), Warning, Petroleum Pipeline (2004, short), The Origin of Creepers (2017, instal)

More info: janvannuenen.com