Illum Jacobi

Illum Jacobi

Illum JACOBI comes from a background in mountaineering and has led expeditions to obscure mountain ranges in the Amazon and remote corners of the arctic. He began his film-making career as a high altitude cameraman on North Face adventure sport films but grew tired of the heroic images of men conquering nature.

Illum began to develop stories of more complex encounters based on his own experiences in the wilderness, and has set out to complete a series of narrative films that investigate our relationship to nature.

His first feature, The Trouble With Nature (IFFR 2020), is an 18th century roadmovie with philosopher Edmund Burke on a desperate search for a sublime wilderness. Filmed in remote parts of the Alps, the film investigates the need to master our own experience of nature.

His second film, Another Journey without Women, is currently in development and is presented at CineMart 2024: a tragic comedy set on an arctic expedition in Greenland. 


The Trouble with Nature (2020), Another Journey without Women (in development)