Dmitry Frolov

Dmitry FROLOV (1966, Russia) is one of the leading figures in Russian post-perestroika avant-garde cinema. He makes aesthetic experiments that refer to silent film and to a new level of film language.


(all short, selection)The Battle of Borodino (1983), Theatre. Afterword (1988), Act (1989), Without Words (1990), The Big Moon Nights (1990-1993), Underwater Guest (1995), Psycho Attack Over Soviets; Uhod/The Leaving; Metamorphosis (1998), Decease; The Little Sotmaid (1999), Rumba; Nad ozerom/Near the Lake (2000), Ten Minutes of Silence; The Granny's Apocrypha (2001), Nightingale's Tango; Dvoye/The Two (2002), Papino myaso/The Daddy's Meat (2004)

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