David J. Markey

David J. MARKEY is a resilient and resourceful film maker who has sustained a truly independent career in the shadow of Hollywood and against the backdrop of corporate America for over two and a half decades. As a self-taught filmmaker and musician, Markey directed, as well as produced, edited and photographed almost all of his films.


The Devil’s Exorcist (1974, short), This Is the Space Age (1979, short), America is Waiting (1980, short), Summer Has Been Over For a Long Time (1980, short), The Omenous (1980), Plasticland (1981, short), The Slog Movie (1982, doc), Desperate Teenage Lovedolls (1986), Astro Turf (1987, short), Stoner Park (1988, short), Popcorn (1988, short), Macaroni & Me (1988, short), Puppetears (1988, short), The Boost II (1988, short), Popcorn II (1990, short), Lou Believers (1989, short), Tina the Party Pooper (1989, short), I Have a Slice (1990, short), Adolf 1990 (1990-2004, short), Rap Damage (In Search Of The Hip Hop Rabbit) (1991, short), Reality 86’D (1991, doc), Grunge Pedal (1992, short), Burning Palms on Jennifer’s Coffee Table (1992, short), 1991: The Year Punk Broke (1993), doc), The Alien of Wilshire Extension (1996, short), Blast Off! (1997, doc), Lovedolls Superstar (fully realized) (2004, director’s cut), This Is Known As the Blues Scale (2004, short), The Reinactors (2008, doc)