Bobby Abate

Bobby ABATE (1973, New Haven) uses film, video, and 3D animation to explore facets of popular and underground culture that simultaneously threaten and define our senses of self. He is currently in pre-production for his second feature, Dressed in Black.


Ode to Cindy Sherman (1997 short), Meet Me at the Pavilion (1998 short), The Tanti-Man (1999 short), Chisholm (2000 short), The Zero Order (2000 short), Come Softly (2001 short), If I Had A Hammer (2001 short), Lucky (2001 short), You and Me Against the World (2002, as Donna Marie Smith), One Mile Per Minute (2002 short), Certain Women (2004, co-dir), Soothsayer (2004 short), Sylvania (2005 short), Zenith (2006 short), Playboy (2006 short), The Three Ravens (2009 short)