Abigail Child

Abigail CHILD (1948, USA) has been at the forefront of experimental film and poetry since the 1980s as a writer, filmmaker and artist. Since the beginning of her career in the early 1970s, her work has been widely respected and has received awards. Child, who also writes poetry and film-related essays, likes to explore gender issues, and is always looking for new ways to tell stories. She also uses archival material to investigate the past. As a teacher at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Child has been instrumental in building an expansive media and film art program; she has influenced a generation of younger artists.


(selection) Except the People (1970, short), Game (1972, short), Tar Garden (1975, short), Some Exterior Presence (1977, short), Peripeteia 1 (1977, short), Daylight Test Section (1978, short), Peripeteia 2 (1978, short), Pacific Far East Line (1979, short), Ornamentals (1979, short), Prefaces Part I (1981, short), Mutiny Part II (1983, short), Covert Action Part IV (1984, short), Perils Part V (1986, short), Mayhem Part VI (1987, short), Both Part III (1988, short), Mercy Part VII (1989, short), Swamp (1990, short), Eight Million (1992, short), Through the Looking Glass (1995, short), B/side (1996, short), Below the New: A Russian Chronicle (1999, short), Surface Noise (2000, short), Dark Dark (2001, short), Subtalk (2002, short), Cake and Steak (2003, short), The Future is Behind You (2004, short), By Desire (2006, instal), Mirror World (2006, short), Mirror Worlds (2006, instal), On the Downlow (2007, doc), Surf and Turf (2008, short), If I Can Sing a Song About Ligatures (2009, short), Riding the Tiger: Letters from Capitalist China (2010, doc), L'impero invertito (2010, instal), Hacking Empire (2010, short), The Suburban Trilogy (2011, short), A Shape of Error (2011), ELSA merdelamerdelamer (2013, short), Riding the Tiger (2014, short), Salomé (2014, short)