Abel Ferrara

Abel FERRARA (1951, New York) is one of the most wayward film makers in the United States. His first film, Driller Killer (1979), became a pure cult hit in America. As well as films, Ferrara directed two episodes of the television series Miami Vice. In 1993, he was honoured in Rotterdam by a retrospective. His films are frequently awarded prizes. Mary (2005) was awarded the special jury prize at the Venice festival.


Driller Killer (1979), Ms. 45 (1981), Fear City (1984), The Gladiator (1986, TV), China Girl (1987), Cat Chaser (1988), King of New York (1990), Bad Lieutenant (1992), Body Snatchers (1993), Dangerous Games/Snake Eyes (1993), The Addiction (1994), The Funeral (1996), The Blackout (1997), New Rose Hotel (1998), 'R Xmas (2001), Mary (2005)