An Election Diary + In the Name of God

Combined Programme

IFFR 2023


Two films from The Shape of Things to Come?, IFFR's programme reflecting on the socio-political development of India in the past 30 years.

An Election Diary

A revealing, resolutely local glimpse into the 2019 electoral campaign of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the constituency of Phulpur in Northern India, weaving together street interviews, social media video clips and recordings of cadre meetings.

In the Name of God

A vivid, alarming documentary about a historic Hindu nationalist rally calling for the construction of a temple on the site of a mosque, In the Name of God sets out in search of reason in the midst of madness.

Combined Programme

IFFR 2023

Programme IFFR 2023

Focus: The Shape of Things to Come?

In 2022, India celebrated the 75th anniversary of independence. But is really all well in the ‘world’s largest democracy’? Both documentaries and fictional narratives reflect on the socio-political development of the past 30 years – and ask: Is the institutional success of right-wing Hindu-nationalist groups and the persecution of dissenting voices a sign for the shape of things to come – and not only in India?

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