Surprise Film

IFFR 2022

  • 130'
  • 2021

Hand over control and stay in the dark until the very end – the Surprise Film will be unknown until the opening titles start. Traditionally, you and your fellow festivalgoers guess which film the Surprise Film will be, and we're making it a little easier for you by giving you a hint on this page in the run-up to the festival. Extra special this year: the Surprise Film is linked to a Big Talk, available online from Saturday 5 February. So dive into the dark without any expectations, and see if you were right all along.

Is the tension getting to you? Here's a hint:

Clue 1: Aerial Ballet

Clue 2: France / Serbia / Czech Republic / Israël

The Surprise Film starts on Thursday 3 February at 21:00 at

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IFFR 2022