• 25'
  • Sweden
  • 2000
The film about the nineties has now been completed. A unique manifestation of the Swedish film art and a remarkable film - a 'relay' picture. The project was initiated by the Göteborg Film Festival and has been produced and completed in cooperation with the Swedish Film Institute and SVT Göteborg. 90 Minutes of the 90s is a film made to reflect the gradual changes of a decade as it passes. Each year a Swedish director was assigned to produce a new, ten-minute addition to the picture. As a relay runner who hands over the baton to the next runner. This year we reach the finishing line for our journey and we complete our decade of Swedish film art. The most important years in our lives. Are they the years from 20 to 30? Or maybe from 40 to 50? For Mange they are between 27 and 37. At least so far. Altogether maybe two or three minutes every year are better than the others. After ten years situations arise, that lead to the most important choices of our lives. Altogether maybe fifteen minutes throughout a decade. One could wonder what we spend the rest of the time doing...
Daniel Alfredson
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2000
Swedish Film Institute