Kjaerlighetens kjötere

  • 110'
  • Norway
  • 1995
An exciting confrontation between three men in a cold Northern landscape - a Greenland polar landscape that gives the film a special look. The film is set in the nineteen twenties. Three very different men are involved with a hunting expedition in this harsh white world. Protagonist Henrik Larsen is not really the type for such an expedition full of physical hardships. He is a civilised intellectual, writes poetry and lives in the city, Oslo. He is in love with Gertrude, who however does not want to tie herself down. To break through the impasse in their relationship, Larsen joins the exercise to the polar ice in an impulse. There it is not just a merciless cold that awaits him. During the journey he regularly comes into conflict with the brutal veteran Randbaek, who - for instance - has very different ideas about women and sex. Larsen misses his Gertrude, while Randbaek lecherously describes his abuse of women. Third man in the team is the shy Holm. Holm has had enough of the increasingly violent clashes between Larsen and Randbaek and sets off on Christmas Eve. When their shelter burns down in an accident, the two fighting cocks are forced to seek another shelter together and to trace their missing colleague. A final duel would appear to be inevitable. Variety critic Leonardo Garcia Tsao described the film as a 'Nordic existential western'.
Hans Petter Moland
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 1996
International title
Zero Kelvin
Norwegian, Swedish
Norsk Film AS, Bent Rognlien
Swedish Film Institute
Hans Petter Moland
Stellan Skarsgard