IFFR 2021 test event and coronavirus measures

Due to changing government regulations, there are different access requirements for different festival days. From 2 to 4 June, testing is mandatory for attending physical screenings. You must book a test, free of charge, via Testen voor Toegang. From 5 to 6 June, testing is not required for festival screenings.

What do I need to know?

From 2 to 4 June, IFFR will operate as a test event. This means that in order to visit the physical festival on those days – Wednesday 2, Thursday 3 and Friday 4 June – you are required to show a negative coronavirus test arranged via testenvoortoegang.nl. 

All visitors at IFFR from 2 to 4 June must get tested no more than 40 hours before visiting the event, even if you are already vaccinated. This test must be arranged via the Testen voor Toegang platform (testenvoortoegang.nl) who provide the test free of charge. Any other test, including from the GGD or a self-test bought from a pharmacy, will not be accepted. 

In line with changing government regulations, physical screenings on the final days of the festival – Saturday 5 June and Sunday 6 June – will not require testing for entry. To attend a screening on those days you do not need to get tested or to show a negative test result. Strict safety measures will remain in place, including limited capacity and social distancing within the screening rooms. 

Book a free test for screenings from 2 to 4 June
If you have a ticket for a physical screening on Wednesday 2, Thursday 3 or Friday 4 June, you must book a free test appointment at a specific test location near you via testenvoortoegang.nl. 

You will receive the result via email within an hour of testing. A negative test is valid for 40 hours after testing. We recommend planning your test appointment some time ahead of your festival visit.

Entering the cinema or film theatre
Please show the negative test result you received via email at the door of the venue, along with a valid ID card. Your test result will be accepted in either digital or printed form, so long as it shows explicitly the negative result obtained via Testen voor Toegang, with the date and time of the test.

After showing your test result, you will be guided by an audience assistant to your seat. It is important to note the audience will be organised into single seats, meaning you have to sit alone with a 1.5 metre distance to the people around you, even if you come with other people from the same household.

Safety measures

At the physical festival locations, the festival takes at least the following safety precautions:

  • Please respect our protocols and stay at home if you have symptoms related to Covid-19 such as a cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, mild cough, or fever. 
  • We maintain a 1.5 metres distance from each other at all times.
  • When entering a venue, everyone must wash or disinfect their hands.
  • For the physical programme at IFFR festival locations besides the film screenings (our VR programme), it is necessary to reserve a time slot online.
  • Audiences may be on location no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of the screening or event.
  • Face masks are mandatory at all IFFR festival locations. You are allowed to take them off in the screening rooms as soon as you are seated.
  • All visitors will be guided to their seats by the IFFR crew. Please note that IFFR applies a solo seating method in the screening rooms. Capacity is limited due to the 1.5-metre rule.
  • At certain physical film screenings, there will be a live Q&A with the filmmaker. The filmmaker will be joining via online video call. It is important that everyone leaves the room at the same time. We ask all our visitors to stay seated until the end so that everyone can walk out at the same time in a controlled manner.
  • The food and beverage facilities at the festival locations will be open, bringing your own food and drinks will not be allowed at all locations, but this may differ per location.
  • At each festival location, there will be audience guides that are committed to the safety of the crew and audience. The audience guides will help visitors navigate around the building. In the interest of the safety of all visitors, IFFR kindly asks everyone to follow the instructions of the IFFR crew at all times.

Stay up to date

You can read the most up-to-date information about your visit to the festival on IFFR.com, or one of our social media channels: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Do you have more questions?

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