IFFR 2022 goes online

22 December 2021

IFFR 2022 campaign

IFFR has announced the decision to host an adapted festival programme online in response to growing concerns about the spread of the Omicron variant across Europe and a nationwide lockdown in the Netherlands, in effect from Sunday 19 December. Our 51st edition will no longer present a full festival programme in Rotterdam screening rooms – instead offering audiences a selection of films online available in the Netherlands, and IFFR Talks available worldwide, on IFFR Pro industry events CineMart and Rotterdam Lab will also take place online. More information on the IFFR 2022 festival format and programme will be announced during a press conference in early January.

The Netherlands’ government announced a full, nationwide lockdown in effect from Sunday 19 December, including the closure of all non-essential shops, as well as cinemas, schools, museums and catering establishments – as advised by the Netherlands’ Institute for Public Health and Environment (the RIVM). The measures are in effect until at least 14 January 2022.

In light of the current concerns and unpredictable circumstances of the global health crisis, IFFR has made the necessary decision to host a scaled down festival programme online. Our previous announcements outlined plans for an ambitious on-site programme that is now no longer possible. Even in the case the current restrictions are lifted after 14 January, a transition to an in-person event would not be achievable due to the sheer scale of the festival. 

IFFR acknowledges the impact of this critical decision, which is widely felt and affects our filmmaking community, audiences and partners who we continually set out to support and connect with. We are committed to presenting an online programme in conditions that ensure the safety of the public, staff members and guests while celebrating cinema.

IFFR 2022 online programme

IFFR 2022’s programme will be scaled down to a selection of films available to audiences based in the Netherlands, and IFFR Talks with related filmmakers available worldwide, on The festival’s education programmes will be adapted or postponed until later in the year to offer pupils and students access to cinema curated by IFFR.

Press and industry guests

Both a press and an IFFR Pro industry accreditation will be made available, with international online access to a selection of official titles. As previously announced, Rotterdam Lab and CineMart will take place online – offering an essential platform to emerging producers and projects in development to learn, connect and generate exposure. 

More information coming soon

The abrupt change in circumstances requires a reevaluation of the festival programme. Further information on the festival plans and the adapted selection of films will be announced during our press conference in early January. The date will be confirmed as soon as possible.

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