Film entry

Submit your film for IFFR 2024 via the forms below. Make sure to check the deadlines and terms and conditions.

IFFR 2024 submission forms and deadlines

All submission materials (online entry form, entry fee and screener) should be delivered to IFFR by the following deadlines:

Feature films (from 64 minutes)

  • 20 September 2023

Submit Feature films here

Short and Mid-length films (up to 63 minutes)

  • Films (up to 63 min.) completed before 1 July: 23 August 2023
  • Films (up to 63 min.) completed after 1 July: 13 September 2023

Submit Short and Mid-length films here

Art Directions and Immersive Media

  • 1 September 2023

Submit Immersive Media here

Submit Art Directions here

Entry fees

Feature films

  • €65 (ex. VAT)

Short and Mid-length films (up to 63 minutes)

  • €40 (ex. VAT)

Immersive Media

  • €40 (ex. VAT)

Art Directions

  • €65 (ex. VAT)

Incomplete and/or late submissions will not be taken into consideration. Please note that entry fees paid after the deadline cannot be refunded and no guarantee can be given as to the inclusion of these entries in the viewing process. 


Eligibility criteria

Submissions to the festival are open to feature films, creative documentaries, experimental films, short and mid-length films, and innovative visual productions for digital media. 

The following eligibility criteria must be taken into account when submitting a film to the festival. 

  1. All submitted films should be completed after 1 January of the calendar year prior to the festival. For IFFR 2024, this means the film should be completed after 1 January 2023.
  2. Films previously submitted to the festival and not selected, will not be reconsidered for the 2024 festival.
  3. Films that have already screened in the Netherlands are excluded from submission to the festival.
  4. IFFR only accepts short and mid-length films with a world, international or European premiere status. This also counts for short and mid-length films from the Netherlands.
  5. Student films, with the exception of post-graduate works, are excluded from submission to the festival. 
  6. IFFR considers work-in-progress submissions, provided that the film can be finished in time for the festival. IFFR is not obliged to take into consideration new versions of the same submission.


Full terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions for Participation 2023-24