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The answers to most of your questions can be found in our Terms and Conditions. Please read these carefully before submitting your film.

You can find the terms and conditions for participating in the upcoming edition of IFFR here. Please read the terms and conditions thoroughly to make sure that the film meets the eligibility criteria that we require for submission.

Feature-length films (64 minutes or longer) of first, second or third time directors are eligible for the Tiger Competition. The film should have its world premiere in Rotterdam (or, in consultation with the festival, its international or European premiere after no more than one festival event or territorial release between September 2023 and January 2024). The selection of films that will compete is made by the selection committee for feature films. 

Short films 63 minutes or less are eligible for the Tiger Short Competition. The film should have its world premiere in Rotterdam. The selection of films that will compete is made by the selection committee for short and mid-length films.

A Dutch premiere means the film hasn’t had a public screening in the Netherlands. For our purposes, a public screening is any screening that has taken place in the Netherlands before the festival. This does not include private cast and crew screenings. If the film has been submitted to other Dutch festivals that take place before IFFR, please make sure to mention this in the submission form. When you accept an invitation from another Dutch festival that takes place before IFFR, this automatically makes the submission to IFFR ineligible for selection.

Please note that IFFR does not accept short and mid-length submissions with a Dutch premiere status.

IFFR grants submission fee waivers to residents of countries with international payment restrictions. Countries included in this protocol are listed in the IFFR Terms and Conditions for participation 2023-2024, which can be found on the Film entry page. If you are eligible according to this protocol, you can request a waiver code by contacting IFFR Programme Operations at [email protected].

Yes, it is indeed possible to submit documentaries.

Films previously submitted to the festival that were not selected, will not be reconsidered for the 2024 festival.

Student films (with the exception of post-graduate works) are excluded from submission. 


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