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Our programme for IFFR 2019 is slowly taking shape, and we’re revealing parts of it while explaining our four sections. This week, we’re talking about Voices. Watch the video below to learn all you need to know.


Films driven by powerful stories, captivating subjects and important themes. Each film brings a distinct viewpoint on the world, by filmmakers with a confident voice.

Voices includes the following programmes:

  • Big Screen Competition
  • Limelight
  • Scopitone
  • Rotterdämmerung
  • Voices (features)
  • Voices short 

Here you’ll find the first Voices films confirmed for IFFR 2019.

Memories of My Body, Garin Nugroho, 2018

A sensitive Javanese boy explores his sexual identity through a dance company where male and female merge in a sensual way. In the wider world around him – Suharto has just resigned – he sees only violence and intolerance. A poetic-realistic coming-of-age story, based on the life of dancer Rianto.



Tel Aviv on Fire, Sameh Zoabi, 2018

At the Israeli border when Salem mentions that he works on a popular TV series, the checkpoint official demands a more pro-Jewish twist to the romance in the soap. However this turns out to be easier said than done. A surprisingly light and comical way of capturing the Arab-Israeli conflict, which nevertheless tackles a painful truth.



Competitions within Voices

Big Screen Competition

Eight new films that premiere during IFFR are selected for the Big Screen Competition by a jury of film enthusiasts and experienced festival goers. The winner of the VPRO Big Screen Award secures a guaranteed theatre release in arthouses all over the Netherlands. The prize comes with €30,000, of which €15,000 is put towards the theatrical release of the film and €15,000 towards a future work by the filmmaker. The Big Screen Competition is an extension of the enduring partnership between IFFR and VPRO. IFFR 2018’s winner was Nina by Olga Chajdas.

Voices Short Audience Award

A new competition launched at IFFR 2018, the Voices Short Audience Award puts the spotlight on narrative-driven short films. Visitors use tear-in voting cards to rate the short films. Last year’s winner was Joy in People by Oscar Hudson.

Keep checking back for the latest IFFR 2019 programme updates.

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