4DR Studios Award

4DR Studios is a volumetric video capture studio based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Representatives from the studio present the 4DR Studios Award to an outstanding Immersive project presented at CineMart. The winning project can choose from one of two in-kind prizes.

Based on how the winner is planning to work with volumetric capture, a prize package will be selected. A studio package is for companies that are going to use volumetric video as a serious component in their current or upcoming production. An alternative workshop package is for companies that are not very familiar with volumetric video and/or don’t have any plans to use it yet. 

4DR Studios director Steye Hallema introduces the award

Explained: What is volumetric video capture?


Anti-Muse, dir. Baloji (Belgium)


First prize: Confident, Jérôme Blanquet & Bertrand Jeandel (France)
Second prize: Duchampiana VR, Lilian Hess, (France/Germany) 


"We capture you with 32 cameras at the same time"

Steye Hallema is creative director at new IFFR Pro Immersive partner 4DR Studios.