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Advertising at IFFR 2024

International Film Festival Rotterdam offers possibilities to advertise in different festival media outlets. With these online and offline ads you can reach a big and diverse festival audience. The festival has a clear image of its visitors, so you can be sure your advertisements reach the right target group. The average IFFR visitor is between 26 and 65 years old, educated and has an interest in art and culture. People come to the festival from far and wide.

View the various advertising options below or download the IFFR 2024 advertisement overview.
Looking for a combination that generates optimal visibility? Then combine multiple options in one package. Inquire about the possibilities via [email protected].

Download the IFFR 2024 advertisement overview

Important dates

IFFR programme distribution: January 10, 2024

Official ticket sales start: January 12, 2024

IFFR 2024: January 25 – February 4, 2024