Tiger Members

Everything you need to know about IFFR's Tiger Membership.

Tiger Members are the biggest fans of the festival. They are the first to gain access to the online ticket sales, receive a €3 discount on regular festival tickets, receive a discount on IFFR Talks and make use of numerous other benefits during the festival. The membership costs €80 per year and can be upgraded to a Tiger Membership Supreme at any time. Are you under 23? Then you can be part of our Tiger Member Under 23 community. The Tiger Memberships Under 23 enjoy the same benefits as the Tiger Members at a discounted rate of €50. 


You can become a Tiger Member via the website.

As a Tiger Member you are part of the IFFR Community: the most loyal visitors and the biggest festival fans. The Tiger Membership is suitable for the ardent festival film viewers who strive for something more. You will enjoy numerous advantages such as 24-hours-priority on ticket sales and a €3 discount on every regular festival ticket.

You do not have enough of the festival yet and want more? Then we have the Tiger Membership Supreme. With this card you can enjoy unlimited access to all regular film performances, you immerse yourself completely in the IFFR universe. Read more about the different memberships on the Tiger Membership and Tiger Membership Supreme.


Yes you can make use of your membership. You will have to add your Tiger Membership to your shoppig basket before you pay your tickets.

The Tiger Membership is personal and linked to your personal account. You can buy one ticket per film screening at the Tiger Member rate and extra tickets at regular, CJP, student or under 23 years rates (max. 20). A maximum of one extra ticket per film applies during the special pre-sale. Read more about buying tickets at Ticket sales.

No, that will happens automatically. You can cancel your membership before 1 November each year. If you do not do that, you will automatically remain a Tiger Member. The membership fee (€35) is deducted from your account in November each year.

If you have a European account number, you can purchase a Tiger Member-pass the regular way. If this does not work, you can send an e-mail to [email protected]. You will then receive instructions on how to make the payment in order. Please note: it is only possible to buy a Tiger Membership with a valid European bank account number (IBAN).

Every year you can cancel your membership six weeks before your membership ends by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. You can find the exact date in your personal account

You can easily change your (e-mail) address and phone number in your personal account. Do you want your membership fee to be debited from another account number? Send an e-mail to [email protected].

When you have selected a film screening and added it to your basket for checkout, as a Tiger Member, you will see a 0-euro rate during the checkout process. The 0-euro rate ticket can be used five times, for all film screenings except the Short Film Marathon and IFFR specials such as Volkskrantdag and VPRO Preview- and Reviewdag.

As a Tiger Member, you belong to our most loyal festival fans. Your opinion is very important to us. That's why we organise a session where you, as a Tiger Member, can provide feedback.

This year, there are no physical passes for Tiger Members. After purchase, screenings are automatically added to your IFFR account linked to your Tiger Membership. From your account, you can directly have your tickets scanned at the door. Don't have a smartphone? Then bring your individual e-tickets printed.

After the festival, you will receive more information about the format and date of the Tiger Membership feedback session.

My question about the Tiger Membership is not listed here. What now?

We are happy to help you further. Send an e-mail with your question to [email protected].