Bob Visser's extensive oeuvre consists of countless films, music videos and TV programmes, the majority of which Visser made in Rotterdam's cultural underground scene of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. He also shot the Netherlands' first music videos, including Kranenballet for new wave band Kiem from Rotterdam. Worth a mention: Visser's first feature film Het veld van eer, after a script by Rien Vroegindeweij and the recently deceased Jules Deelder, was actress Loes Luca's debut. Three years later, his second long film Plan Delta came along. He also made a lot of TV for the VPRO broadcaster and RTV Rijnmond that functioned as a springboard for a generation of young makers and actors.

This programme features: EXITing (1995), Plan Delta (1986), Het veld van eer (1983), Stadsgezicht (1977), Mijn leven als Deelder (2013) and Kranenballet (1985). After the screening of Het veld van eer, NOS presenter Winfried Baijens talks to special guests including Loes Luca, Rien Vroegindeweij and Mijke de Jong.

Part of RTM, the Rotterdam selection.