On Sunday 26 January (Pathé Schouwburgplein) and Sunday 2 February (Pathé de Kuip), young film enthusiasts can attend Kids Only, a fun film festival programme put together specially for children aged 8 to 12 and their parents.

You can choose between a morning (10:00-12:00) or a full day programme (10:00-16:00, SOLD OUT). During the morning programme, together with their parents children can watch an exclusive, international programme full of animated, fiction and documentary films.


Posko Palu by Tim Barretto
On 28 September 2018, the Indonesian city of Palu was hit by an earthquake that was followed by a tsunami. The city was almost completely destroyed. This documentary shows how three teens cope with losing their school, home and even family members. Besides the great loss, there is also time for fun.

Maestro by Illogic
It’s still dark. A bird lands on a branch and starts singing. Not normal birdsong, but the opera Norma by Italian composer Vincenzo Bellini! All the animals in the woodland come out to join in, from hedgehogs to fish. Luckily there is a squirrel to conduct everyone.

Athleticus – Course de demi-fond by Nicolas Deveaux
Athletics for wild animals. While an elephant throws the javelin, four pink flamingos are about to start a running race. They suddenly face unexpected competition from a new participant. Animated comedy with a surprising winner.

Belles étoiles by Naïma Di Piero and Elhadj Sidibé
Quiet Jeanne is bullied at school, mainly by Ami and her friends. After school, she finds out that Ami and her mother have been kicked out of their home and are forced to live in their car. Initially, Jeanne uses this knowledge to get revenge on Ami, but when Ami starts being bullied, Jeanne starts to feel sorry for her.
Please note: Belles étoiles will be the fourth short film to be screened on Sun 2 Feb in Pathé de Kuip.

TURN IT AROUND by Boaz Oleander
When Anton and Esther want to help an elderly woman, they are accused of theft by racists and chased off. Their friends also often suffer racist abuse. Anton is angry and wants revenge, but soon realises that isn’t the right solution. 
Please note: TURN IT AROUND will be the fourth short film to be screened on Sun 26 Jan in Pathé 5.

Hot Dog by Flore Burban, Logan Cameron, Nicolas Diaz, Chloé Raimondo and Hugues Valin
Love is a big adventure, particularly for the romantic stray dog in Hot Dog. He is in love, but his lover is hard to reach as he first has to climb into the garden, tame the folding chairs and then defeat the dangerous robot lawnmower.

Machini by Frank Mukunday and Tétshim
A cleaner planet demands more electric cars. The raw materials for the batteries are mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, often by children, under poor conditions, and this causes severe air and river pollution. Original stop-motion animation with a clear message.

3 pies by Giselle Geney
Every day, Gonzalo dribbles his football to school through the mud and puddles. He keeps almost being too late and his shoes are super dirty. His strict teacher warns him that if he comes to school with dirty shoes one more time, he will lose his football for the rest of the year.

Next Flight Home by Jake Wegesin
A male urban pigeon has a good life. There is plenty of food in town, he hangs around with his friends and has his own spot. One day, he meets a beautiful white pigeon who is clearly not from the city. They fall in love, but he has doubts about leaving his lazy city life behind.

adults: €12, kids: €8

Purchase your tickets for the screening in Pathé de Kuip here (link is in Dutch)