In Signatures, IFFR presents new work by established makers, auteurs and festival veterans. From Lav Diaz’s The Woman Who Left (an award-winner in Venice) to Albert Serra’s La mort de Louis XIV and Ulrich Seidl’s latest film, Safari. Almost ten years after his legendary Historias Extraordinarias, Mariano Llinás’ new epic project is nearing completion. The first part of La Flor, which is made up of two distinct parts, will have its international première during the festival. Bill Morrison and Patrick Bokanowski – two exceptional filmmakers, each of whom has developed a highly personal form of filmmaking – have also been confirmed for Signatures. In Dawson City: Frozen Time, Morrison reveals a treasure trove of stories on nitrate film, buried for decades in Canadian soil. With Un rêve solaire, the visual alchemist Bokanowski has created perhaps the most hallucinogenic film in his oeuvre.

Films in ‘Signatures’