Vivienne Dick

Vivienne DICK (1950, Ireland) attended University College Dublin, before moving to New York in the 1970s. Here she became an important figure in the No Wave Cinema movement. She later became a member of the London Film-Makers' Co-op. In 2014, the Irish Times called her “one of the most important filmmakers Ireland has produced”. Her work was the subject of a 2017 exhibition in the Irish Museum of Modern Arts. Here, she premiered her film Augenblick.


(selection, all short) Guerillere Talks (1978), Staten Island (1978), She Had Her Gun All Ready (1978), Beauty Becomes the Beast (1979), Liberty's Booty (1980), Visibility: Moderate (1981), Loisada (1982), Trailer (1983), Like Dawn to Dust (1983), Rothach (1986), Pobal – Portrait of an Artist (1988), Images Ireland (1988), Three A.M. (1990), Two Pigeons (1990), London Suite (Getting Sucked In) (1990), New York Conversations (1990), A Skinny Little Man Attacked Daddy (1994, doc), To Be Two (1999), Excluded by the Nature of Things (2002), Saccade (2004), Molecular Moment (2006), The True Centre is Always New (2007), The Irreducible Difference of the Other (2013), Red Moon Rising (2015), Felis Catus (2016), Augenblick (2017)

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