ULAY (1943, Germany) was born Frank Uwe Laysiepen and is an artist based in both Amsterdam and Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is known internationally mainly for his Polaroid art and collaborative performance art with longtime companion Marina Abramović. Ulay's work, as well as his collaborative work with Abramović, is featured in many collections of major art institutions around the world, including Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Centre Pompidou Paris and the Museum of Modern Art New York.


(selection) The Metamorphosis of a Canal House (1972, short), Freeing the Voice (1975, co-dir), There Is a Criminal Touch to Art (1976, short), Relation in Space (1976, co-dir), Relation in Movement (1977, co-dir), Imponderabilia (1977, co-dir), Rest Energy (1980, co-dir), Relation in Movement: The Van, 1975-1980 (1980, co-dir), The Lovers: Boat Emptying, Stream Entering (1988, co-dir), Still Standing (1993).

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