Tibor de Jong

Tibor de Jong

Still: 8 miljard ikken

Tibor DE JONG is best known under the pseudonym Nemo Vos. He is an Amsterdam-based artist, and graduate of St. Joost School of Art & Design Breda. He has collaborated with Dutch Digital Collectibles, Obey Clothing and Spinvis. With the latter he has created various animated music films and VR-projects, generating dreamflights for adults through abstract virtual worlds. For the IFFR 2024 Art Directions: immersive media programme, they will perform their installation 8 miljard ikken (2024).


(selection) Investment Banking Suicide Rate (2021, VR), Violence (2021, VR), Epos (2021, VR), OBEY (2021, short), Pixel Paradise (2022, VR), Kamer met Uitzicht (2022, VR perf), Oogstlied (2023, VR), 8 Miljard Ikken (2024, VR perf)

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