Theo van Gogh

Theo VAN GOGH (1957-2004) studied law, was refused admission to the Dutch Film Academy, decided to be self-taught and made his début with Luger, which immediately caused a storm. Since then he has held a controversial role in the world of Dutch film and journalism. On 2 November 2004 he was murdered by a young Muslim extremist, allegedly because of the content of his short film Submission made in collaboration with Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali.


Luger (1981), Een dagje naar het strand/A Day at the Beach (1984), Charlie/Charly (1986), Terug naar Oegstgeest/Return to Oegstgeest (1987), Loos/No Potatoes (1989), Vals Licht/False Light (1993), 06/ aka 0900 (1994), Eva (1994, short), Een Galerij - De wanhoop van de sirene/A Galery (1994, short), Koos Tak (1995, short), Hoe ik mijn moeder vermoordde (1996), Blind Date (1996), In het belang van de staat (1997, short), Au! (1997, short), De pijnbank (1997), De kampioen (1999, short), Baby Blue (2001), De nacht van Aalbers (2001), Najib en Julia (2002, TV-series), Interview (2003), Visions of Europe (2004, segment 'Euroquiz', TV), Submission - Part 1 (2004, short), Cool! (2004), Medea (2004, TV-series), 06/05 (2004)